Our signature Zest Micro is available to Zest Monthly Skin Care Members.

Microdermabrasion; by far the most sort after skin treatment. Known for its name and its quick skin transformation. The feeling of your skin after one treatment is undeniably smoother and it creates a quick addiction.

At XY we have created a microdermabrasion that will not only have you begging for more it will also drastically improve the health of your skin long term. By utilising cutting edge products within the treatment to compliment the exfoliation not only will your skin be left feeling as smooth and hydrated as it has ever felt your mind will be blown away at the point of difference this ‘Zest’ Microdermabrasion has to offer.

The XY Zest Microdermabrasion difference

You will receive our famous XY triple cleanse which is both deeply relaxing and deeply cleansing, putting your skin in the ultimate condition for maximum efficacy of our medical grade diamond microdermabrasion exfoliation which is followed by a unique stimulating and utterly gorgeous massage using a deeply rich and hydrating mask.

The absorption of the antioxidants and lipid rich ingredients after the Microdermabrasion leaves your skin plump, calm and hydrated. Your Zest Microdermabrasion is completed with a boost of B vitamins for your skin, coated in botanical ingredients and sealed with an SPF. The ultimate Microdermabrasion for the lover of this treatment.



Treatment Options
Single Treatment $125.00
Package of 3 Treatments $299.00
Package of 6 Treatments $549.00

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