At XY we have a wide range of waxing available. We can help you with waxing from your eyebrows to your legs…or perhaps something more daring with a cheeky Brazilian Wax!

We also don’t discriminate at XY, so for all you guys, feel free to drop in and have yourself ‘manscaped’!

If your sick of waxing then take a look at IPL , the more permanent solution to hair removal.

Waxing is performed in compliance with the Australian regulations and guidelines. Hot wax is used on the delicate areas of the face, underarms and bikini and we only use Australian made Wax for the most comfortable waxing experience. Please let us know if you are using Retin-A, Roaccutane, or anything else that may affect your skin’s sensitivity.

Treatment Options Special Members Price Full Price (Non-Members)
Lip $14.36 $17.95
Chin $14.36 $17.95
Sides of Face $18.36 $22.95
Stomach $19.96 $23.95
Underarm $19.96 $24.95
Bikini $23.16 $28.95
Brazillian $56.80 $71.00
Half Arm $27.96 $34.95
Full Arm $35.96 $44.95
Half Leg $31.96 $39.95
Full Leg $44.00 $55.00
Neck $13.56 $16.95
Stomach $17.56 $21.95
Half Arm $23.96 $29.95
Full Arm $28.76 $35.95
Half Leg $27.96 $34.95
Full Leg $43.96 $54.95
Chest $39.96 $49.95
Back $43.96 $54.95